Tuesday, May 17, 2016

T0Y VAN Personalized License Plate

T0Y VAN official tag

May 17 here in the Big Town of Savage in Central Maryland should be a month away from Summer.  Instead, today's high temperature was around 58 with rain.  Most days this month have been chilly and improvement is a slow go according to forecast.

Only bright spot this month was the arrival of the official MD Personalized License Plate for the T0Y VAN.

JD, waiting for spring or summer-like weather here in the BToS

PS - Now 6 months into ownership of the T0Y VAN.  Seems I'm driving it about as much as I did my '05 GMC before I sold it, about 5k per year.  Fuel mileage is about 10% less than I was getting with the GMC extended cab, long bed.  Engine is also a bit larger in the van, being a 6.0 vs the GMC 5.3.

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