Friday, November 06, 2015

FRY-day -- One word tells the whole story

Bacon on FRY-day

Since I've retired, Friday doesn't mean what it once did to me.  Friday was always something to relish as the final day of the work week and maybe even a good day to work the 6-2:30 shift and get outta Dodge before the traffic rush can clamp ya in.

I have to say that since retiring, Friday has become more of a FRY-day.  I've been around for 74 years now and one of the best things I recall from my youth is my mother's delicious fried country cured bacon.  Every time we visited the family down in Danville, she'd get more home cured bacon from Uncle John and Aunt Lucy.

Those days are gone, but some of my favorite things will stay with me until I die.  Personally, I make sure I always have some good cured bacon in the house.

On a morning like this I appreciate my new definition for Friday, or FRY-day as I like to call it.

JD, practicing FRY-day here in the Big Town of Savage

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