Sunday, November 08, 2015


NBC shows ONLY Chase Drivers

NBC NASCAR broadcasts are very good for their Saturday coverage of Xfinity Series races.  They actually feature most of the cars and drivers in the race and interview any driver that has a highlight/lowlight to cover.

NBC NASCAR Chase broadcasts of the Sprint Cup Series races on Sunday are basically terrible when it comes to showing the race action and participants.  Each Sprint Cup race has 43 participants of which at least 20 have very competitive cars/drivers.

This time of year the NASCAR season is working toward determining a champion for the season.  The new NASCAR Chase format for the Sprint Cup is an elimination process beginning with 16 cars.  Every 3 races causes the elimination of 4 cars.  After 9 races the field is down to 4 cars for the final race of the season to determine the Sprint Cup Champion.

The eliminator style Chase format puts a bit of spice into determining a champion and has shown to be very good for the NASCAR business model.

On Sundays NBC spends 90% of the air time showing the cars of Chase participants.  Today's race will have 8 Chase vehicles.  Today's NBC telecast from Texas Motor Speedway will feature 8 cars and drivers and the other 35 can go to hell because they will  not be visible on the NBC broadcast. 

Even if a non-Chase driver wins the race, NBC will spend a minimal amount of time showing Victory Lane and dote on Chase drivers that didn't win.

During the Chase NBC shows actual racing on Saturdays and CRAP on Sundays.

JD, feeling pissed at NBC here in The Big Town of Savage

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