Friday, January 01, 2016

January 01 2016 -- How'd it get here so quickly from May 28 1941

Country Churches 2016 Calendar

When I was younger back in the mid-1900s, I couldn't even envision I'd be around when we moved into the 2000's, much less still be around after we've all gotten used to saying Twenty Sixteen.  Not that I thought I'd die young (none of us think that, right) but it just seemed to be so far down the road.

Even after the kids started popping up in 1970, 1972 and 1974.  Heck, they'd all be getting up to their 30s by 2000.  Now they're all into their mid-40s and one grandchild has a wedding scheduled for next Labor Day weekend and he'll be 23 at the time.  How long will it be before I have to add the prefix 'great' and become Great Grandad (I prefer using the short version of Granddad, not as many characters to remember), not that I'm not already a 'great' grandad anyway...aren't we all.  ;)

So, come May 28 2016, I'll turn the BIG 7-5.  Hopefully I'll be around to check it off on the superb Lang Country Churches Calendar hanging on the wall above my computers.

JD, moving into the new year here in the Big Town of Savage

PS - If you're gonna buy any Lang stuff, wait for sale prices, cause the normal prices are outrageously high.

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